Sunday, April 24, 2011

the beach

The Boys love the beach, we love to go almost every weekend. It is so wonderful to enjoy all the time Dan has off. we are loving it

more Easter fun

The eggs
Dad and the boys

mom and the boys




The Family

The Boys

looking for eggs

egg hunting

with their new trucks

Happy Easter

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am trying to learn to sew so here is one of my first projects a little crayon roll for a little girl's birthday in my nursery class

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally an updated Blog

Finally I am updating the blog!! Little Blake is 16 months and is the sweetest little boy. He loves to give hugs and kisses and loves to smile. He loves his Daddy and he and Ty run to the door everynight Daddy comes home. Blake also adores Ty and trys to do everything he does, especially climbing
Dan and Ty fell asleep during one of their jammy parties. Ty loves to stay up later than Blake and have a party with Dad sometimes I am even invited. It usually involves fruit snacks and watching dirt bike races

Blake got a vaccum for christmas and loves to follow me around and vaccum

Ty is 4 and loves going to preschool. He loves dirt bikes and tells us everyday that he wants to move to a farm so that we can build a dirt bike track around the house! He loves to read and loves to make people laugh. He loves to play with his geo track but not with me as I don't make as fun of tracks like Dad does. He makes me laugh with the things he says, the other day I picked him up from preschool and he sat down by the playground on the way out and says "Mom, this is where all the fun happens." I love him

Our two little blessings. I love to dress them alike and since they are still little they think it is cool, I am sure this will be ending soon. We are so thankful to have these little boys and I love that I get to stay home and play all day with them. They are always making me laugh and smile. So hopefully this post will be the start of many more so that I can actually have an excuse to take more pictures

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ty's First Fishing Trip

Ty fishing

The boys at the Lake

Dad showing Ty how to cast

Dad and Ty fishing

Here are the pictures from Ty's first fishing trip, although we didn't catch anything we had fish for dinner any way and Ty thought that was so cool. Ty loved casting the line in and reeling it back

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Movie anyone

Ty eating ice cream after the movie

Blake wanting ice cream

Waiting for the movie to start

Ty wearing his 3-D glasses

The movie we saw
Dan and I took the kids to see UP at the movie theatre, Ty was so excited to meet Grandma, Colleen and Janet there. The movie was awesome, although I did cry an awful lot for a kids movie. Afterwards we did some shopping and Ty had ice cream. Ty had a blast and thanks guys for meeting us there and sharing the day with us.